Two Cups of Coffee

Two Cups of Coffee

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Liner Notes: 

A story about two people growing old together, one of them fighting off a declining mind.


Two cups of coffee and I don't feel any different
Your fog sets in and I can't seem to fix it
On lucky days you still can remember
People that you miss, but with faces unfamiliar

Age doesn't stop the heart
From loving so damn hard
Even when rain comes down
We still are who we are
I will continue
Long after the sun sets in you
Kissing you as if you're brand new
Because that's the kind of love that we grew

Embrace the warmth that flows between our bodies
Laughing and flirting like we did in our 20's
Holding hands without the need for words
If you forget my name, I get to meet you all over

My dear I will kneel by your side
As you're fighting through the pain
Our kids are so proud to know you
We're learning how to be brave

And my dear, when you step beyond
I know you'll want me to move on
But i'll patiently wait, until I get to join you
If you could, please leave the porch lights on

© 2018 Peter Arvidson Music
© 2018 Sara Janda Artwork

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What a tale, very well written and delivered, a very sincere song that gets in the perspective of this old couple very well. Good stuff.

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A very difficult subject. Kudos to you for this. Tissues indeed. As an oldster myself, I can testify that old love is the best love. I like the gritty lower register of your voice. Well written and heartfelt. Good job.

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That is so sad. I think everyone will be able to relate to this. Who doesn't know someone who has suffered from alzheimers. Just makes you think of them, and it breaks your heart. "Long after the sun sets in you" That hurts, and yet is so sweet. Lots of lines in this like that. Really sensitive writing here. Lovely song.

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I like the story, age doesn't stop the heart. People who have the right kind of love, transcending the problem. I like the last line, leave the porch light on.

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This is such a sad, touching love song. This is the kind of love some folks only dream of. I think you've nailed it lyrically. The melody isn't too predictable and your vocal feels sincere. This is definitely a story worth telling.

these are very fine words and really well delivered/ This is a very good song

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I like hearing your voice in this stripped down arrangement--it carries the emotion of the song nicely. I especially like the "kissing you like you're brand new" lines, and the way the melody goes down there.

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You really have a FAB. voice. Love the feeling in the performance. Lovely song

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Oh my - the title made me open it thinking I would find something upbeat and happy poppy. I found something so beautiful and moving. So full of love. So poignant. Really gorgeous! Thanks for the clickbait title that pulled me into this song!