What The Funk Do U Want?

What The Funk Do U Want?

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Liner Notes: 

...in the early hours of the morning, a request for jelly was submitted. It was early, but the struggle bus had gas in it. So off to the factory I went. I wanted this to sound like one of the early Prince bootlegs I scored back in college.


DAW: ACID Pro 6 (garbage, yes, but I can record, splice n' dice and mix quickly...though it may come out like garbage).
MIDI: Alesis controller for Dual Organ and Hammond Soul organ (fast) and Clavinet
Drum Programming: All in ACID Pro
Bass: Schecter 4 string and Ibanez 5 string
Sound FX: Stock recordings
Vocals: Mr. Party.

Thanks for listening! Have fun!


Big Mac, Quarter Pounder - hold the cheese
Pickles, onions, lettuce and some mayonnaise
Milkshake, apple pie and cookies 2
I'ma eat large at Mickey D's with u

Then we headin' back 2 the factory
Where we gonna make some jelly
Then we're gonna burn some calories
After that we'll swap out memories

Some folks will give up the funk
And then there's those who won't
We don't care which u r
So what the funk do u want?

C'mon and ride this groove with me...

2018 The Jelly Factory!

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Goofy stuff, totally fun to listen to. Nice production.

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Ohhhhhhhh! Bring the funk! This is like that awesome funk bands from the 60s like Sly and The Family Stone, with a modern twist. Love, love it!

Fuzzy's picture

Great intro there.
Reminds me of Funkadelic, which is of course great.
Oh yeah, so nice!!!!!!
Lovely production - sounds great in the headphones.
I'm bopping around with the headphones on while the wife is looking at me strangely....
Oh man, that was brilliant!!

MarkG's picture

@cts brings some more of the fun and funky sounds. Love the different voices on this number. Production is great. Thanks for treating us to another one of your grooves.

johnstaples's picture

I am so lovin' this! Just package a bunch of these jellyful songs into an album and I'll take them for a drive in my automobile! I'll drive slow...windows down...that one cracked speaker vibratin' a bit but still loud and sweet! Ha, struggle bus and ridin' that groove! Such a treat for my old ears!

Chip Withrow's picture

I'm waking up to this one, listening to it at 6:30 am with a cup of coffee. You're bringing it for sure!
Lyrics are kinda sexy, too - like the wake-up call is coming from someone lying next to you.
As always, I love the soundscape you create - like you're also waking up a bunch of reluctant musicians to play along with you.

standup's picture

I love that intro. I feel like that a lot.

Cheese/mayonnaise is the coolest rhyme I've heard today! Overall, as usual, this is super tight and a ton of fun. What? The wheels fell off the struggle bus? Damn straight you better pull over.

3tdoan's picture

This is hilarious and made me smile throughout. Love the funky production. Struggle bus, ride this groove...great lines!

OdilonGreen's picture

Incredible, super-fun funk! That spoken-word intro is awesome, and the wacky, fun lyrics are perfect. I think I've used the word "fun" twice already, but I'm going to use it again: this was a wonderfully fun track, and really put a smile on my face.

cleanshoes's picture

Oh man, this is so good! Put a smile on my face right away, what a fun intro. Only wished it were longer!

Adnama17's picture

Frickin AWESOME! The title drew me right in. That's my outlook. Funk it!
From the struggle bus to the groove. Epic transition.
Those horns rule. Biggrin
So much good going on, I can't fit it all in!

Jyllian's picture

This is spectacular! I love it. So cool and so much depth. Very nice.

NuJ4X's picture

This has got to be one of the funnest thing I've ever heard! Your creativity and talent just blows me away! I was laughing so hard and clapping along and singing along once I got the lyrics down Biggrin

musicsongwriter's picture

Very realistic start and gorgeous jelly to follow. Funky, full of energy, instantly likable dance song. Love your vocals and playing. So much fun to listen to!

Rob From Amersfoort's picture

Superb! Almost better than the original :-). Love all the turns it takes, never a dull moment!

nancyrost's picture

Poor Camille ...
Love that groove, awesome bass and organ sounds especially. Love where the actual Craig voice comes in, and the ascending chords. Funny and fun!