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Liner Notes: 

Demo recorded on my phone while camping on a mountain, you can't hear it in the recording but my singing was echoing all through the valley below, and it was way better sounding than the software reverb i've added. I'm sure my fellow campers were pleased, since this was sort of around midnight after a few beers.


Old mountaintop
Stays afloat
Never goes anywhere
Because its a mountain

The freedom is in being a mountain
A mountain
It is a whole bunch of rocks
Pushed together tightly, one formation highly

And once you add a couple of trees onto that rock
You got a forest mountain that can't be stopped
It is invincible unless you burn it down
But you still got your base

Much stronger than a vase
But just in case, add more rocks
Just seeing how loud I can be
Quiet it down

© 2018 Peter Arvidson Music
© 2018 Sara Janda Artwork

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Thank you for the liner notes because I was able to close my eyes and see a buzzed you singing on a mountain top. Now all you need is a great hat! LOL Excellent lyrics

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Unexpected and funny and true-- the freedom is in being a mountain.

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Just seeing how loud you can be? That's an impressive vocal feat, right there! Such a high note, done perfectly. Awesome! I hope your fellow campers got a kick out of this. Smile