Waiting room for comfort

Waiting room for comfort

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Liner Notes: 

I thought this both had a comforting and promising feel to it, hence the title.

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This is indeed comforting! I have images of deep and quiet forests. Lovely!

this is a lovely piece of music i really enjoyed listening to it

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Epic, summery, & with a great Timothy Leary eats the ghost of Sgt. Pepper feeling.

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early morning sun streaming through my window as i listen to this and it seems a perfect match. nice instrumental, i agree with Aging Ophelia's comment

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Love the wash of summery guitars and the bell-like keyboards, which really add an ethereal touch. Bass adds further melody. Beautiful stuff!

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Exemplary bass work, as usual.
I like how the reverb gives it a shimmery, ethereal feel.
Yeah, pretty relaxing, like a walk in the woods.
Great production and headphone mix.
Nicely done, Ferry!!

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Sounds almost orchestral, like a national anthem being played. More conventional than most of your work but still very enjoyable.
The bass sounds so good, as usual.

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Nice! A fun bit of music, here. Not sure what it's leading to, but it definitely seems like it's leading to something. Nice one! Smile

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I like how up front the bass is in the mix. Really catchy hook that comes in on the onset, and then you enact some quick changes to keep the listener's attention. Very full production here, feeling symphonic, danceable, almost waltz like. Listened to it twice to get a better sense of it all. Real good stuff!

This is lovely. I can see what Silver Machine means, it does have a sort of grand orchestral feel to it somehow. But with a slight Velvet Underground droniness to it too. Really excellent.

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Enchanté! This is like a fanfare for small creatures that children are fond of. The A part for those who fly ( bees, butterflies and dragonflies in slow motion ), the B part for those on the ground ( ants, snails and beetles ). You definitely have a Style but all the ingredients are so varied and you mix them so well that it stays fresh and surprising, never constricting the creative impulses. Dreamy and gentle yet still rocking. Klaus likes it! Smile

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This as such an expansive, happy sound. I love the shift to that second part. This is music for a fairy ball, a magical waltz (sort of). Cool stuff. You put a lot of work into these arrangements; there are so many great details

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There's sort of a march in there somewhere I think. I like the gentle shifts from royal pomp and circumstance to a graceful waltz. This song puts me in a wondrous kind of mood I think. Smile