Back Off

Back Off

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Liner Notes: 

Another wilderness improv. Slightly fueled by alcohol and definitely NSFW Smile


Sometimes you just need to roll around on the ground
Just for fun
Sometimes you just need to splash
On a mat all for fun

Don't you ever play with knives
Don't you ever get bee hives around yourself
You will be stung and your health will suffer a little bit
For a day or two, if you're in the mood

Put the expression on
Until you feel that oppression

Break free
And feel the power, and the tremble in your knees
Break down
Until you're ready to be around

Stomp your toes
Blow your nose, because
Who really gives a shit
When you're in the thick of it

Pull yourself together
And pay me back

Why the fuck don't you just back off
And I can tell you who's gonna slack off
Don't you ever just wanna back off
And show your true colors and back the fuck off

Sometimes you just need to think
And other times you've been drowning yourself in the kitchen sink
I think you can use some soap and water, your hands are too dirty
Now just back off

Back off
And back the fuck up now
Back off
Until you don't wanna be around

© 2018 Peter Arvidson Music
© 2018 Sara Janda Artwork

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dsweidel's picture

I love a good back the fuck off song! This is great. Maybe you'd be interested in doing music to one of my songs? LMK

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I'm digging the ooh, oohs. Such a sweet tinge to the anger/angst. This is a fun one. I love that you used the acoustic for this lyric and performance. It'd be easy to use distortion to relate the frustration and energy but it works so much better through vox and guitar.

Acousticmaddie's picture

You have a really strong and cool voice! Very energic performance. Nice lyrics!