And Have no Doubt Helper of Mankind

And Have no Doubt Helper of Mankind

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And have no doubt Helper of Mankind-Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch-Woman On Fire


Liner Notes: 

My Gran used to always say " When I pray to God he always sends people to help"

God speaks in a people's kindness.


Helper of Mankind
You have your hands full
Problems don't unwind
Of their own will
And most won't heed
The help they most need

Fighting storms
Trying to keep afloat
While the Savior
Lies asleep in the boat
Fighting Battles
Not your Own
God's still on the throne

Lover of the hurt
You have your work cut out
Healing pain often causes more
And I have no Doubt
Many will Resist
Your open hands with a fist

These Hands have a lot to answer for
This Heart could have loved a little more
My eyes have been so blind
To Christ in You
Helper of Mankind

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Great collaboration, -- well done; great demo.