Little Monsters

Little Monsters

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Liner Notes: 

I was challenged outside of 50/90 to write a song about monsters. I like to be different so wrote about Lady Gaga and her fans who are called Little Monsters. Not necesarily my own views but mad a fun song. Went back to basics today and this one of my first ever Tenor Ukuleles it was a 45 minute write


I dont usually like rock stars
Theyre not my cup of tea
Most of em i have to say
Aren’t how i want to be

But i liked Lady Gaga straight up
All those songs with long pauses
And for taking on so much
For all those lost causes

Dont thinks she one
Well of those. imposters
So i choose to be one
Yes one of those Little Monsters


I dont have no Poker face
But i was born this way
Phrases i always knew
Were ones i wanted to say

She nailed it with those meaningful words
Felt it was like my story
Now im on the up up
Im on the edge of glory

Dont thinks she one
Well of those. imposters
So i choose to be one
Yes one of those Little Monsters

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Great subject for a song, it's a great take on the "monster" them. One I'd never have thunk up. I like the relaxed melody/vocal performance. It works very well with the tenor uke. Honestly, I figured it'd be a little happy, sappy song, but this is not just another happy uke song. But it is a good one.

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She gets a bad rap, but she's actually very talented. If it wasn't so cool to hate her...
And rock stars are crappy roll models. I agree.
Cute uke! What brand?

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i cant stand lady gaga, so i interpreted this song as an ironic one, and as such enjoyed it very much.

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Agree - I heard "Born this Way" performed by a rock band and realized it was a great song. I like the cutesiness of the uke here ... fits the title well! Vocals sound perfectly matched to the music.

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i like the imposters/monsters rhyme. nice take on your challenge.

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A song to sing along to (I like how you sing 'monsters'), even more because the ukelele paves the way to do so. Enjoyed my listen!

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The uke is absolutely right for this. I agree, LG is real in her own special way. This would roll out as a great fan song. Spread it around!

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Nice angle on the subject.

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A unique approach to the challenge, results in a jaunty sing along style tune. The title immediately brought it into focus for me. I am not Gaga fan either, but I realize she has talent, and there is no ignoring her popularity.

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This is wonderful! I like the aucostic tenor uke with your vocals! Great chorus and wonderful perspective!

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I like Lady Gaga too. She's a true muso! Like how you worked poker face into your lyrics too.

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Really liked this. A very catchy chorus. I know very little about LG but did get the poker face reference. Great work.

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Really enjoyed this one! Catchy and got stuck in my head Smile

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Not one's usual uke-driven song. And it's great! Love the twist on the theme of monsters. Biggrin