Tension King

Tension King

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Liner Notes: 

Another free association improv, I can tell I wrote at least one section about recent discoveries in my genetics. Here I am thinking i'm about half german, half swedish, no, actually i'm now half german, half puerto rican. Kind of interesting. Now I want to track down this new family and learn the history.

The song title comes from the fact that I tend to hold onto stress and tension around the clock, so playing guitar and dumping out these demos does help DE-pressurize me. Smile


Write this down, write this down
Take a seat, no i'm not afraid to say
I've been feeling a lot lately, feeling a lot always
It doesn't really matter, it's just a state of mind
And that is easy

Fail-over now, redundancy allowed
Take care of the self, if you aren't over yourself
Carry on the ways before your time
Genetic inheritance don't take much finding out

Follow, follow, follow your doubts
Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow your your doubts
Follow, follow, hollow, hollow, hollow towns
Hollow towns

Follow, follow, follow, follow your doubts
and I follow, follow, follow, you're feeling hollow now
There is once more, taking my time
Can't bring awareness to the mind

What you gonna leave, what you gonna leave when you leave?
Who you gonna be, what you gonna leave, when you go home?

Cautiously walking on egg shells
And i'm feeling your full self
Call all guards to the armory
That's the one you see

Carry all this weight
Full of nobody else but
Carry the weight now

Just lighten the load
Cancel all my calls for the rest of the day
I've got bills to pay

©2018 Peter Arvidson Music
©2018 Sara Janda Artwork

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I liked it. Nice improv! And yeah, music helps me de-stress too. Smile

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This is good stuff! I like improv and you have done it well!

wobbie wobbit's picture

i admire your ability to improvise like this, without stumbling flowing from one thought to another, it's like having a view on something very raw and never seen (heard) before.

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It's hard to believe this is free association improv because of the cohesive feel. I, too, had a bit of a surprise with the genetic results. I like how you seem to grab on a motif and riff on it a moment then move to another. It's a great way of moving the lyric along. You use repetition very well here.