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Liner Notes: 

A free association type improv, not totally sure what its about, besides an imaginary girl or metaphor named Aurora.


Dance with the devils if your heart goes blind
I learned that mistake, I lost my light
Locked within a vault
My head turns grey, I deviate
Alone but not the same, i'm afraid

My oh my, how the time it flies
Wasting all those nights inside
Wiping tears that everybody cries
Now just shutup and pickup that knife

Aurora, aurora
Take me to the moon
And make me feel your aura
I saw ya, and sold ya to the sails

I made plans why don't you pickup the phone?
Why you gotta leave me here callin' nobody, alone
Step into the street with your heels
They click right at your feet
That's why you feel so messed up
You're in a rut

Kick em' off, and now you see
That you could be anybody but me
Because you can't be in my head

Feeling me behind you
Falling on just like glue
I'll stick to you

Now I know just what you're gonna say
But I gotta say it anyway
Don't say anything
Put on this ring

Be mine, be mine, be my forever kind
In my mind

Make my feet spin right around
Make me feel like your love will not hold me down
We can beat up buildings, building up the things
That's what we can be, then I do that same thing to you
Makes me want to meet a little more of you

©2018 Peter Arvidson Music
©2018 Sara Janda Artwork

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nicely done! you're definitely on to something here, and you might want to sharpen and develop this a little more sometime down the line..
interesting way of writing, free associating...

music fits the free-flowing lyric nicely, too ...

yup very good. has a real Nick Drake feel about it at that can only be good