Ponytail Darling

Ponytail Darling

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Liner Notes: 

My friends say I can't write love songs, this is incorrect, I just write sad songs better Wink


What if I asked you to stay?
Would you take me seriously?
Flowing long hair, and then you said you
Didn't do it that way for just anyone
No you usually kept it in a ponytail
Usually kept it in a ponytail

So I took you to bed
Rested your head on my head
Then I felt so sweetly in the same way that you did
And you know that I love you
You, well, you love me too

And so I wake up in the morning
First thing I do is look over at you
And it brings a smile to my face
And then I wake up for the day

Brew a little coffee
As we see each other off to work
"I hope you have a good day"
"I hope you have a good day too"

You're my best friend
Until the bitter end

Don't worry, don't worry your head
Your pretty head, today
Well if you worry, you'll worry your life away
No you don't want that, you don't want that

You are my best friend
Until the bitter, bitter, better end

You said you'd let your hair down
You don't do that for just anyone
Usually keep it in a ponytail
And that is our tale

©2018 Peter Arvidson Music
©2018 Sara Janda Artwork

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This is such a sweet story about 2 people who are very comfortable loving with each other. Nice job