Just Remember to Breathe

Just Remember to Breathe

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Liner Notes: 

It's been a trying day. Where's that bottle of wine?

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These are all very nice sounds. I felt transported to a slightly different dimension which feels strange and willing. The middle is very esoteric, if I may say so, a little bit of heavenly disco - then the Lydian-mixolydian and jazzy-ambient moment hits nicely and we can finally have some tea among the planets... and their parents as well!

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Very soothing and relaxing. And calming too. This has creates a wonderful atmosphere as it fills up the room. Lovely!

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Nice music to chill out to. Good one! Smile

class piece of music. could be used in so many places! i see it over a relaxing video!

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Twas a tax deadline day. Thus, sitting out on my porch mellowing out as much as possible. This really hit the spot.
Adjective of the Day: mmmmmmmmmm...

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nice random sparse drops of melody over (under?) the relaxing wash. it was reminding me of something i couldn't put my finger on, but i think it is Dawn from Britten's Four Sea Interludes

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Don't often hear this side of your music. i seem to remember you have more keyboards than guitars.
I was listening for the sound of a Kitkat and a cup of tea, after the cold water tank disaster.
You are the instrumental king, with a thousand moods at your command. Enjoyed.

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Very nicely arranged. Is it a compliment to say I almost dozed off before it was over? (Not from boredom--it's just so...peaceful!)

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Took some deep breaths while listening. Just right.