When Heavy Drinking Is The Only Sensible Response

When Heavy Drinking Is The Only Sensible Response

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Liner Notes: 

Hey, remember that fun time I had last year when the hot water tank sprang a leak?

Guess what the *cold* water tank has just done?

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Sounds like you're using metal to work through some things! Powerful, intense, playing. I love the ascending buildup and then sudden stop at the end - left me wanting more, and also impressed at all that you played in such a short time.

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Let it flow...
Sometimes heavy riffing can lead to better relaxation than heavy drinking

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I only wonder what would you do with two strings. Like the rising mojo in the end Lol It's a fine piece of distortion!

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Loved it. The first drum fill had me thinking "black metal". The last guitar line had me thinking, "death metal". The rest had me thinking "thrash metal". What's not to love? Biggrin

great stuff. i was just thinking where has all the heavy music gone. so little here this time

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Well here I am, thrown from one end of the pendulum to the other in a few short minutes. You, sir, are a troublemaker!

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Well at least you got a kick ass metal tune out of your personal plumbing tragedy.
Great twinned guitar line.
Awesome crazy drums, too.
Short and sweet, nice.
Great work, as usual!

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You can't beat the thrill of a bit of speed metal plumbing.
Great ascending bit at the end, where the system is turned back on and the tank fills up.

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Rage against the machine! (Or the, um, water tank.) Aggressive, to the point, and awesome!