Dangerous Curves

Dangerous Curves

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Liner Notes: 

Recorded at the local outdoor market where I perform music and teach yoga.

On a visit to the Costa Rica rain forest in June, I saw a road sign for "Curvas Peligrosas." I knew that had to become a song.

I like this one so much that I'm thinking of entering it into a local songwriters contest. Since recording this, I've decided to turn two of the verses into bridge verses.

My wife and our daughter were listening at the market, and they liked this one.


Lately I’ve been following dangerous curves
Any man who does that gets what he deserves

Lately I’ve been roaming up and down steep hills
Nothing in my pockets but some crumpled dollar bills

Curvas Peligrosas – that’s what the sign read
Got that feeling in my belly – dangerous curves ahead

Lately I’ve been following dangerous curves
Had to run from people who were getting on my nerves

I don’t want no stallion, I’d rather ride a mule
Mangoes are my dinner, whiskey is my fuel

Lately I’ve been following dangerous curves
Curvas Peligrosas – those are such exotic words
And any man who follows them gets what he deserves

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Another gem! So well written and performed and just good!

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Yeah, I can see why you might submit this one, Chip. I love that bluesy style you used... and great warning at the end!
Really nice to hear an actual open mic recording.

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That "groove" tag is well-deserved; this is rock-solid and locked in. Your guitar playing really shines in this one and I love the fact that it's a live performance, not just a recording. I love the choice of rhymes with "curves" too - and kinda glad you resisted the temptation to include "hors d'oeuvres" Biggrin

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Once again, you've inspired me Chip. These words may or may not be the beginning of another collab... I'm sort of borrowing your comment section to put them somewhere before they fall out of my head. LOL

"The sign ahead was... Red and white - but it was wrong"... repeat
You see it... told me stop... but I must keep movin' on

"The sign ahead was... yellow, black - but no big deal"...repeat
Cause I was... on a mission... and you know I wouldn't yield

"The sign ahead was... blue and white - said I could rest"...repeat
But I know... the man who's sleeping - is the one who fails the test

i really like this! and those dangerous curves could be so many things. great performance

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Fine uptempo bluesy feel that matches the sentiment of the lyrics well. I like the vivid images and the first person character development in this - paints a great picture!