The Me Generation

The Me Generation

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Liner Notes: 

So it was time for my annual rap. My opportunity for a rant. I'm getting the write the anger and the cadence but dont think ill make a rap singer!


So it got me thinking so I’m gonna tell you now
No longer scared of dying coz already living in this hell
The hell were no one seems cares no more
Nor really gives a shit
Only way to find some peace is to take another hit

What happened to compassion love for fellow man
It Left by the exit door not walking almost ran
Dont matter bout anyone else long as Youre ok
Surely man thats not right gotta be a better way

Easy way to make it and reach right to the top
Tread on all around you keep on just do not stop
Get to where you wanna go you can fuck the rkest
As long as people smile at you say ya done ya best

All your bad behaviour remember no fault lies with you
Blame your parents , your situation anything but whats true
No longer have to take responsibility someone else to blame
Don’t have to worry bout anything just play it like a game

You can go and buy a gun or even build a bomb
But for fsake dont say something that seen as politically wrong
There are 2 worlds out their the one for the 2 % with voice
The real one for the rest of of us strugglin without a choice.

We’ve lost our priorities somewhere weve lost a lot of heart
I sometimes wish i knew nothing - too bad im considered smart
I know times passed im getting old i dont seem to have the drive
But i wont sit in the corner silent - not while im alive.

I still believe in justice not for some but yes for all
My hope is as history shows everything even empires fall
So hopefully we can turn corners End this desperation
Comeback to kindness community, caring kill the me generation.

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Straight outta compton!..., dude, -- phuck'in-a. Blimey, luv da way you say shit. Crazy

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what do you mean youd never make it as a rapper? this is a sight better than eminem and he did pretty well in the rap market.

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Let it out man! How do you really feel? LOL You make the message clear. Good job.

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Nice job. Gonna have to try some rap one of these days. I first read this as "THEME Generation", and thought--wouldn't it be nice to have software that would generate a "theme" for my songs. (I remember that the first time I saw the phrase "The Me Generation" was in reference to the 20-somethings in existence during the 80s...

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I like everything about it but as they said to the Western drummer they invited to substitute at sheikhs wedding - play it as you play it back home but just put a little accent on the 7th and 13th beat Lol

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Applause! Applause! But you're rapping in the wind, I fear. In fact I fear too much. Something is badly broken here and calls like this which I hear all the time (and make them too) are wholly unheeded.

[EDIT] then on comes Little Wrinkles which I can't comment on here! Lovely song!

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I take a slightly different perspective. My parents were "baby boomers" being born after WW2. I grew up at the dawn of the computer era, seeing the devices grow up with me. And then I have children of my own.

In a lot of cases, young people are more fully living their parents' values. I see the "me" generation as stemming from the children of the 1950s. The folks who in the US got a boost to their wealth in the 1980s by sacrificing their values and morals. (In the US they are now predominantly the Trump generation.) They taught these corrupted values to their children, even when they, themselves, hadn't fully internalized them. When this was coupled with increasing the debt burden while decreasing the possibility for meaningful futures, it leads to some of their grandchildren embracing the mantra of the 80s: "greed is good."

I don't wonder where it started. I have a pretty good idea.

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You are absolutely awesome. Great rap. I really like your productions keeps getting better and better. Fab. rap.