O Come All Ye Faithful [ ~ Music for prior lyric ~ ]

O Come All Ye Faithful [ ~ Music for prior lyric ~ ]

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Liner Notes: 

Music for prior lyric; *lyric *revised.
-- The track above this one, is the lyric only version one

I know I'm not writing "hits" here, Crazy -- trying to push myself into a new box, out from the old one. I love this "idea" of/for this though. (Others... to look at...)

Trying to re-adapt this famous ole'hymn... was for me a challenge.

---- I was watching a movie, -- opening scene "like" the LA Riots '80's and heard this hymn, but for me was "playing in my head" -- darker, "dirtier" sounding, and etc. This is not necessarily the "head sound" I had, but one version of a few of it for/with what I have to work with, and really liked the idea. I had four versions coming out at the same time... and finally got sideways for this one.

I was really trying to hit the "e" Note on Em, not the "g"... -- but it kept coming out with the "g"... *how I was seeking to push myself in a new direction, avoiding the reflexive intonations and etc. I like the vocal modulation of the "e" in the Em... and for a strong vocalist will be a good sound imo.

Also, here this 5090, we have a pub dom thread, but it is for *Poetry... this may have been a poem initially... -- the origins are really sketchy from what I found, "monks", some guy here/there, music, etc... monks tended to chant and etc. and was a very simply short 4 verse text/copy.

So, derUgo Music 2

-- The photograph with the track on BC of LOC and I thought appropriate for what it is and this song is for me, -- irony, if you can see it in it.


Come, all ye faithful, joyful and tri - umphant
Come ye…, come pro - om -ised land … … America
Come and behold us, heirs of kings now dust and smoke

Come, and adore us
Come…, come see the
Self full, and filled… American remains

Oh, sing, choirs of Senators
Sing, from Congress high
Oh, sing, fifth column Med-i-a buzz, self full, filled

Yea, Lord, we greet Thee, here this happy mourning;
Two witness 3 days dead with no grave seen
All rejoice their flesh as their own perfume
Drunk and blinded to ascent above

Jesus, to Thee be all glory giv'n!
Word of the Father, now in flesh appear – ing!
Word of the Father, now in flesh appear – ing!
Jesus, to Thee be all glory giv'n! – come
Come, come, come,

Come, let us adore it now
Come, let us roar with it
O come, come, come

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this is fantastic. i admit i was a little apprehensice when i read your initial set of lyrics. i played with them a bit but couldnt find any direction worth taking. but you hit it perfectly. there is just enough of the original melofy to ground the listener...then it takes you right down into the garbage of it all before the ascent..which structurally has the same function as the ode to joy at the end of beethovens 9th .....if sung in a church, the congregation would have to accept the liberties you took, because the journey ended in true salvation, not just another half baked promise deal. .

this is hauntingly beautiful. Yup i can hear enough to know where you came from Mr Melody but not to where you have got to. great piece!

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Man, I listened to this and starting shouting, "Bruuuuuuuuuce! Bruuuuuuuuuuuuce!" You sound amazingly, to me, like Springsteen in this. Very, very nice job, my friend!

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I was just about to listen to this one, and then I saw you had listened to my public domain offering. Thanks!
Great song - fascinating, unexpected, and quietly powerful take on the original. Definitely has that chant, singalong, hypnotic feel - and full of purpose, too.

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Whoa...this really works for me. I like what Bill said about having enough of the original melody to keep the listener grounded. But the new melody is really compelling and fresh. I like the little interlude after "remains." Listened three times Smile