50-90-8 Do You Believe What You Saw? * * * *

50-90-8 Do You Believe What You Saw? * * * *

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50 90 08 Do You Believe What You Saw


do you believe what you saw
I kissed the teacher in class
Its against the law
so we ran before they put her away

we’re gonna rob some gas stations
and live off our love
travel across the nations
and anywhere you can think of

do you believe what you heard
I’m running for president
I wanna rule the world
and make everyone stay friends

dance is gonna be a subject
in every school class
no one is a suspect
and everyone shall pass

I’m just a boy
living in my own world
my world is my toy
I don’t wanna grow old
I heard it’s really boring
so I’ve been told

Do you believe what you read
they saw me come flying in my bed
they can’t get around my head
they just think I’m misled

by my teacher - by my teacher

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This is beautiful. I saw this story on an episode of Criminal Minds, but it wasn't beautiful at all then *^_^*. You really capture the innocence of childhood very well here.

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Thank you! You are welcome to do some mandolin lines for some of my songs.
Criminal Minds? I don't know the context. A childs evil thoughts come to reality? What happened?

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Wow, thanks. Actually I didn't know him, but I'd like to learn some of his songs. Maybe I can learn how to sing those high notes too.

The lead line, each verse is a great vocal modulation, hook. Your English accent, enhanced by your native language idiomatic-isms is musical. (I have family over there somewhere... and it's a great sound.) What's nice about this is that it could easily go heavy (music) with full drum kit cannons going off, or as-is, --always a good thing. The lyric has a nice mind picture message, again, always a good thing for head-space images via music.

I'll get back and listen to more later Crazy Music 2