Fret W*nking

Fret W*nking

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Liner Notes: 

One strictly for the guitar enthusiasts. 12 solid minutes of our guitarist captured warming up over a looped backing track... It may lead to a finished track one day. Biggrin

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well im one of the enthusiasts. I think Andy put it well. a real adventure

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"Warming up"?
I couldn't play like that if you set me on fire. Very nicely done, Mr H. Smile
Funky backing track, too.

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Your guitarist continues to amaze me... I love tracks like these! If only everyone in every band could have so much fun!

There's something so merciless about a backing track that loops... Like, no matter how awesome your outro is, the backing track will keep going. So yeah... Merciless. But I think your guitarist really tamed the beast here. Nice one! Biggrin And he's got staying power! That's definitely a good thing. Smile