Hello, bonjour Montreal

Hello, bonjour Montreal

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Liner Notes: 

Not my best effort but I wanted to try my hand at a bilingual lyric. Fun with rhyming in two languages Biggrin This is a collection of my memories from a few visits to Montreal. Some of the references may be a wee bit obscure but here's the giant orange ball that's mentioned: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gibeau_Orange_Julep - my friend took me there as part of a Montreal sights tour, lolol.

Recording's timing is off but it's super late so imma go to bed and call it done :P

This was inspired by @littlespiral's far better lyric btw.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/cm7lNc144pY


Hello bonjour, mon Montréal
The grooviest town of all

Dutch tulips can’t compare to orange juleps
In a giant neon ball off the highway
Mister Leonard Cohen sayin' hi how ya goin’
Staring downtown into rich people’s driveways

A date with fate in the fields of Terrebonne
Smoked meats and poutine, que Dieu me pardonne
Trudge uphill to a disappointing cross
But don't dismiss this town, or it’s your loss


Don’t reject it as the dregs of Quebec
Esti calisse de criss de tabernak
There’s music and murals and hobos and urine
Once you leave, you’ll wanna come back

Escape the rain in underground malls
Dusty record stores and Archambault
Naps in the grass near the Place des Arts
And on every bench of every park


Francophone-fails and eating beaver tails
On the shores of the Vieux Port
Screams in Longueuil at a p’tit clin d’oeil
Oh how it leaves ya wanting more

Upstairs jazz and craft beer terrasses
Festival pizzazz and tourists en masse
I gotta confess it’s a bit of a bummer
I can only love this town in summer


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lovely mix up of the two languages, obviously so suited to the subject town. i love your delivery and you have such catchy melodies.

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You always do a good job. I love songs in the "Romance" languages--because with those masculine/feminine word endings they are easier to rhyme. Super-good vocal performance on this!

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This is great! Sing-a -long swing and catchy lyrics. You have a very good French accent too. The melody for the 'Montreal' line is really strong. I'm so impressed, this is a very, very good song.

dup dup dup dup - singing along. nice bouncy feel - might have to think about some multilingual stuff. Good one

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another fine song, so well performed. brought back memories of my weekend in montreal, waiting to catch a train to the vancouver worlds fair. what struck me most about the city were the people getting dressed up to go shopping at midnight. oh, and the shopkeepers who sized you up when you entered ther shop, deciding whether to greet you in french or english. i really enjoyed this song, both the writing and the performance.

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Really nice jazzy feel to this one! Combined with the bilingualism, it comes across as very sophisticated. I can picture old-style trumpets playing along. Lovely and catchy!

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Loved the use of different accents. Nice one! Smile