50-90-7 A bird...

50-90-7 A bird...

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50 90 07


G Am7

A bird shat on me today
It was right in my face
I don’t feel lucky anyway

A bird shat on me today
yeah and you heard what I said
but I feel unlucky anyway

Am7 G
cuz you don’t look my way
and you don’t care what I say

you saw my message but you never answer
and I’m telling myself, how will I get her

here in my arms

oh stop your foolish pride
you know I caught your eye
I’m really sorry I laughed

I don’t know what to say
I might not answer today
but I think you need a bubble bath

and you can come along
I got a bath tub and I’ll sing you a song
get naked young man
and I’ll make you understand
that though you had bird shit in your face
I’ll give you that embrace

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love the delivery and the guitar sound and playing. nice to have a video too. love the turn of luck in the lyrics, oh that was a surprise ending though, did she turn on you? nice song

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Thanks ! Ups, that was a freudian slip! Its out there.

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Nice guitar--great vocal. Really a terrific job on the whole song!