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Liner Notes: 

One word makes this one NSFW. Last word of the song.

Written yesterday in just a few minutes, recorded this morning in just a couple of takes.


You say you got dirt on me
I bet you do – and you’ll tell it all eventually
I don’t mind – if it brightens your nasty mood
Done my time – folks know I was a bad dude

Your blackmail don’t mean a thing
It’s a bitter song you sing
Go ahead – make your mess
Your blackmail – well, I confess

You say you’re gonna tell my mom and dad
I hope you do – they already know I was bad
I don’t mind – if you tell my bride to be
Second time – gonna be a charm for her and me

The blackmail you got
Maybe you do maybe not
Go ahead – make your claim
Your blackmail – just a silly game

Your blackmail is old news
Nothing to hide, nothing to lose
Go ahead – make the most of it
Your blackmail – it ain’t shit

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I can hear Elvis Presley having fun with this one. It would fit right into The Bands repertoire as well. Love the choppy guitar going back and forth from major to minor, and the way you break up your vocal phrases.

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what a great groove, great chords, and great idea-- it all flows well, and the performance and delivery are keepers as well!
I like how you have the bridge/chorus repeated with totally different lyrics each time.

i did this challenge too, and took it a different place, of course!

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I love your take on this. It's the best come back for someone trying to black,ail another. They got nothing if the person doesn't care if the spill the beans. Good job on this.

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Fascinating how many different directions we all came from on this prompt. I enjoyed yours a lot. A very good performance as well made it a fine listen. Nice work.

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i like the choppy guitar, and the vocal is just strong and easy. i like the concept of go ahead, i confess disempowering response to the blackmailer

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it was really fun for me to listen to this song in the car, where I had no way to read the words first. every time you deflated any power the would-be blackmailer might've had, it was such a delicious surprise! sort of john prine-like, in the delay before delivery of each payoff line. you really drove home the point, by this example, that the only thing that makes blackmail work is when someone has any investment in deceit, and this character is completely at ease with who he's been, and is secure with the people who care about him. who knew you could write a feel-good song about blackmail!?

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I enjoy the beat and pacing of this. I like the character’s refusal to care about what the other person is going to do. Love also that little instrumental.

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Sometimes those quick songs that come out of nowhere are the best, right?
I love how you turn it around and remove the power from the blackmailer.
I do that all the time; verbal Judo.
You (or, I guess, the narrator) sounds so free!
Really nice guitar work, especially the little instrumental break there.
Good work here!!