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Liner Notes: 

Of course eh hum this is not autobiographical. A bit of humour from me today and little naughty but fun i hope.

So i woke up saw the skirmish challenge had an idea and it was done in half an hour. And it made me laugh - so it was worthwhile


It was finished so long ago
But she remembered for sure
Shed done a number on me once before
So i should have none the score

She breezed into town likes she never left
Smiled and said im here
Time to come back to me
Come on. Be a dear

Since she had broke my young heart once
Id hardened up inside
She may think i was on her string
But i was just along for the ride

But she had one thing i really wanted
And that was a very nice car
And i desperately needed to go somewhere
That was really rather far..

She said dear you can borrow it
But you have to stay the night
It was the worst blackmail id ever seen
So i just thought i might

So blackmail aint all bad you know
And i had nothing at all to hide
And got to where i wanted
And I got more than just one ride.

Of course eh hum this is not autobiographical. A bit of humour from me today and little naughty but fun i hope.

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Great sideways take on the prompt. A lighthearted approach. Well played and sung made for an enjoyable listen. Good job.

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haha cheeky payoff Smile you do a good story song. nice skirmishing, i like the slide guitar, well done for fitting that in too on such a quick write Smile

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Dobro is a great instrument. I one it. Fun story. More than one ride. Ha! That's what you call a win-win situation. Smile

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ha, nice going! and i like that dobro-- need to get mine out once in a while!

fun story and engaging song!

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I love this story! And cool choice of instruments, too.
Definitely a win when you can write something that makes yourself laugh.

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Funny twist - of course it’s not autobiographical. I like that rather than being sinister they both agree to it sand what starts off as blackmail turns into a workable relationship.

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Funny story. And I like the music. You had me singing along. And smiling. You had me smiling as well.