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Liner Notes: 

This was easy and fun. I might have wandered a little in the last verse but you are what you eat and suppression of free speech was on TED this morning. Might want to produce this with band and vox later.

Thanks to Mr. Green for picking up the slack.

Guitars: Guild D-25
Note: Skirmish: 1 hour to write and record



Everybody's watchin'
Everything you do
If anything goes wrong
Gonna blame it on you
You mighta said somethin'
Way back in your past
But now we got the internet
Everything lasts forever

They tap into your webcam
Listen in on your phone
Know what you were doin'
When you thought you was alone
Lock the door and pull the shades
These days it ain't enough
Someone's out there gettin' paid
For lookin' through your stuff.

And the net result they hope to prevail
Your subject to

Better watch out
Everybody's talkin' 'bout it
Whole world's gone insane
You can be blackmailed
For the thoughts in your brain.

If you form the wrong opinion
You show up in the news
Then they take away your job
They can't accept your views
And if you go to college
Exposed to different thought
You thought you paid for knowledge
But uniformity is what you bought.


©2018 John W Hanberry (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved

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Man this is a great song! Doesn't sound d like you just shipped it out on an hour at all. Really well written and performed. I'd love to hear this as a full and production. It rocks!

Very good song. great vocals on a good story and the Tambourine is perfect

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Nice lyrics, and yes, very topical. I thought it was ironic that you end on a somewhat happy note, vocally. Like you're really enjoying telling people how much we're all screwed. :P Not sure if that was intentional, but I thought it was a nice piece of irony to end on.

Overall, I liked it. Well done!

wobbie wobbit's picture

great riff! love the delivery and all the percussion you fitted in. like the concept of the internet stuff. such a strong well put together song for a skirmish! nicely done indeed!

mike skliar's picture

great riff, nice production, and I like the first two thirds of the song a great deal. You and I will differ in our views on the 'accuracy' of that last verse, but you might (or might not) agree with my 'take' on the prompt either! (interestingly I did use a Guild guitar (an old D-35) as well, in mine)

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If I do a rewrite I'll probably scrap the last verse and replace it with something more on topic. That's what I get for listening to NPR. Wink

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Yeah! I dig the blues guitar riffing, and the insistent percussion is a groovy touch as well. Soulful vocal, too. All-around great song!

barbara's picture

This song's got it goin' on! Free speech, free thought, who knows how long we'll be able to hang onto them? The digital age has made all kinds of surveillance way too easy. I hope they don't get you for this one some day...

Jyllian's picture

Creepy! These are the things I don’t want to think about. Great write though - love that cowbell and the refrain with repeated blackmail. Really well written.

darcistrutt's picture

Loving the guitar line. More cowbell!!!!! Makes me want to make sure the post-it note is still securely pasted over my laptop camera. Great feel!

3tdoan's picture

Fab write under any circs, but particularly impressive for a skirmish! Awesome riff in a toe-tappingly funky tune. All too topical, unfortunately.

OdilonGreen's picture

Very catchy bluesy-rock goodness. I The straight-ahead guitar riff, the pounding cowbell, all come together very nicely into a gritty-but-fun toe tapper. Tremendous skirmish! (And I do think the last verse works in the context of the lyrics as a whole, although if your muse is leading you towards a rewrite, I'm sure that'll be great too!)