Legend In the City

Legend In the City

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Liner Notes: 

Trying to switch up styles a bit here. Haven't made music with 8-bit sounds in a while so I pulled them up and banged out this little number.
The vocal sample "you're a legend in the city" made me think of the old school DJ battles and house parties back in Chicago. So I decided to mix chiptune stuff with a classic house-ish beat on top with some other video game sound fx and a little lead melody line towards the end.
I like how it starts off and you're not quite sure what to expect.
In my mind I can see Mario behind some turntables, with Princess Peach telling him he's a legend in the city (Mushroom Kingdom) and a huge crowd going wild for him as he spins the records.
It's 1:49 am. Don't judge me.

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This is cool, nice beat and sounds. It's a bit of a DJ club track, I can see Mario trying to rap over it. It seems like it has a good beat for that. I like the chiptune elements and overall sound!

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I knew right away I would like this one!
I don't listen to much electronic music, but what I hear of it I like. And I like this! So much to explore sonically as it bounces around my headphones. Catchy, hypnotic, and probably dance-able if I weren't so comfortable here on the couch.

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Me too i knew i would like this

And man so so good
I just soaked this up