Let Not the Lights Go Down On Whatever - ft. Devin Elledge

Let Not the Lights Go Down On Whatever - ft. Devin Elledge

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Liner Notes: 

My cuz laid some guitar down back in October of last year...we were just messing around before working on a project and he came up with some nice strummin'.
So I hit record. He did a lead on top.
That stuff sat in a buried folder on my PC till now as I was searching for unfinished stuff to complete for 50/90.
I took it and manipulated with all kinds of effects and stretches, did the same with the lead.
Added some percussion and drums appropriate for the lofi chillhop genre and which gave everything this nervous gentleness...??? OK yeah lol
A few vocal clips that fit what I was feeling and what I wanted to say (the dialogue clips), and stretched out and trippy-fied another vocal sample (when the lights go down down down).
I wanted people to feel relaxed, like its ok to release and let go of the day or whatever has been held onto, release. Anger, hatred, sadness, fear, confusion...
I remembered a bible verse about not letting the sun go down while you're still angry - basically don't go to sleep while you're angry.
All of that sounded about right lol
Really proud of this one because of my cuz's work...something that we forgot about and that we worked together on.

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I really like where you are coming from, and it does have a relaxing effect on me. Cool assortment of additional 'instruments' you've added on top to paint the unique soundscape. I hope your cuz likes it too!

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This has a great chill kind of effect with some really quirky elements that work surprisingly well together and keep me interested and engaged.