The Flag of the South

The Flag of the South

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Liner Notes: 

This has been in my head in bits for years (some was taken from an old poem). decided today was the day We often forget these days what shaped our nation and the cost of justice.

We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties

The Eureka Oath from Lalor's famous speech in 1854.

Lalor led the miners' opposition against the incompetent and often brutal administration of the goldfields, and was elected to lead the men in the armed uprising after the meeting on Bakery Hill. The diggers formed a barricade, where they were attacked by troops and police on 3 December. The soldiers attacked while the miners were having a church service. Lalor was seriously wounded in the left arm, resulting in its amputation. A warrant for Lalor's arrest on charges of sedition was initially sought, but he was taken from Ballarat and hidden by his supporters in the Young Queen Hotel at South Geelong. The warrant was withdrawn in June 1855 after juries had found 13 other ringleaders not guilty .

Later on Lalor was a MP in the Victorian Parliment for many years


In December 1854 fifty
The Eureka men rebelled.
And they swore beneath a different flag.
One aloft they proudly held.

These miners they picked up their guns
They built their own stockade
We will fight back to back
A stand has to be made

There numbers swelled as time went on
They never considered loss
They were prepared to die on mthat day
Under the stars of the Southern cross

They swore an oath no backing down
They were there to stand and fight
No care for their own lives
Ready to do whats right

A leader was amongst them
Lalor was his name
He was there for to help and support
Not seeking favour or fame

He said boys we have no choice
To face their canons mouth
The soldiers come to take down
Our flag, our cross of the South

He government could not allow
A challenge to their power
And when the miners served their god
The Captain chose the hour

It took 300 hundred soldiers
But the outcome was without doubt
Miners dropped shot right through
Around the flag they lay about

But Lalor he wasn’t dead
words poured out of his mouth
You can murder us in black tyrany
But you cant kill the cross of the south


They swore an oath no backing down
They were there to stand and fight
No care for their own lives
Ready to do whats right

So it mattered not how many they killed
there cause now had mouth
You can murder us in black tyrany
but they never killed the cross of the south

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this is right up there with the best of the rebel songs. Id like to hear another version of it when your voice has healed up, but this version will do for now. The writing is excellent, and that banjo part. gives it both authenticity and universality.

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I don't have headphones handy. Is there a high vocal in unison with the other one? That's what it sounds like, and I like it. You're kicking some ass here. I love the way the guitar and banjo work together while you tell you're story. Strong work