The Local News

The Local News

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Liner Notes: 

This is the fourth of my four FAWMstock songs today. Rob Lincoln led a challenge where he gave us two cards with a mood and a subject. I got Confident Newspaper.
Here was my take. I did get video of all the songs I wrote at FAWMstock but I probably won't post demos until I get home.


The Local News
(c) Sean McGaughey Fawmstock #4 July 28, 2018
Prompt: Subject and Mood

Bluesish in A more or less 12 bars

We've got all the news that fits our world view
Can't say we care about yours
The local paper turned into the wrapper for the flyer from the grocery story
You can read all about it, in a week or more.
Don't need no google-- we'll bring it right to your door.

There's a photo of a giant cheque presentation
alongside a letter concerning your salvation
And there's a coupon for a 3rd snow tire if you buy two.
It don't matter if you buy four.
You can find it and a whole lot more,
In tbe local news, In tbe local news,

Folks turn right to the back to see who passed away
And confirm that they're still breathing for another day.
Theres a special on down at the men's shop on stee toed tennis shoes.
Who else would tell you about it, but the local news.

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Hey, _we_ turn right to the back of the local paper to see, then we often say "good". Make of that what you will. THis is and effective and cute without unbearable cuteness lyric. Ping when demo-ed please. It's one I'd pick up if it hadn't already been set.

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Love this lyric-- if you ever get a chance to post the vid or any musical rendering, give me a nudge!

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Really nice take on the local news Sean! That first line really sums up the current condition, right? Biggrin