More than Two Angels

More than Two Angels

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Liner Notes: 

This is the 3rd of four songs I wrote at fawmstock. Lori had a board set up with sets of 3 cue words and we selected them by playing twister... Yes really. You've got to come to FAWMSTOCK next time.
I landed on Left hand Blue, right hand Yellow, left foot Red, right foot, yellow

I got earth, moon, dark, light, halo, angel, worry, dread, pain, music, art , song.

I selected a really weird progression from and went with it.

I did get video of all the songs I wrote at FAWMstock but I probably won't post demos until I get home.


More tha 2 Angels
Dm Edim F Gm
Am Bb C Dm

There are more than two angels
Dancing on my shoulder
F` Gm
Tugging my music from light to dark

I worry my pain may tarnish my halo
as sure as earth's shadow blocks the moon's light
I dance with the angels of pain and dread
as I try to make art from the voices in my head.

Repeat V1

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Twisterchallenge sounds like fun! D minor rising chord progression seems like it would be hard to work with. It's interesting how you've used it. I like the story you've used.