Every Cliche Possible

Every Cliche Possible

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Liner Notes: 

OK, I am almost too embarrassed to post this. It is atrocious. It hits every horrible 70s cliche possible. Everything is stolen from somewhere I am absolutely certain. And not any place good. I can't believe that you are actually going to listen to this. I am so deeply sad that this was in me. Also, amused, in an unhappy way. Really, the only reason I am posting this instead of putting it on my personal, private, me-only no-one-may-ever-hear playlist is that this is 50/90. You have been advised. Stay away, just stay away. OMG. I'm a 56 year old man fer crissake. And I did this. OMG.


You know we got it
You know you need it
You know we got it
You know you need it

You know how easy
You know you feel it
We know it's easy
We'll make you feel it

You need a song like Dr Love

We're on a mission
It's what you're missin'
You're all a tremble
here's what you're missing

Now don't deny it
And we'll supply it
Just don't shy and
We will supply it

You need a song like Dr Love
You need a song like Detroit Rock city

It's a hit record
When you hit record
It's a hit record
just hit record

Just keep on trying
You know you need it
You will be flying
You know you'll feel it

You need a song like God of Thunder
You need a song like Dr Love

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I'm dezonging my own song, so you don't have to, whoever you are, you pitiable human who actually listened to this. I will brook no contradiction here.

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As I am 58 this is both brilliant and so funny! I love the pace and the music-oh gosh it is Great!

If you didn't write these linear notes I'd just think you where some young band trying to sound old. This is about that style. You know it's still fun haha. I mean c'mon you go so 70's you can't deny it, especially that chorus. There are no bills, there are no fees. You just didn't go for the fade out ending lol. You sure went for it with something you speak of this way, 'cuz it's cool.

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Saw the "cowcore" tag and thought, "if Tom is really hitting the clichés hard, that cowbell should kick in just... about... NOW!"

You didn't let me down.

You are totally allowed to do stuff like this at your age. We were teenagers when Kiss hit the big time, it's got to have lasting effects.

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I came for the cowbell and this had me smiling all the way through! Glad you posted. It was a fun listen.

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Fuck yes! I'm surprised the others were able to comment without dropping the f-bomb. As I speculated elsewhere, you did pull this off with brio, cuz you're good at what you do. I do need a song like God of Thunder. Thanks!

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You know what you need here?
That riff is pretty sweet, even if you did steal it.
I dunno, Tom, you may have "recycled" some stuff from elsewhere, but like every good artist (no, like every GREAT artist), you totally make it in to something new.

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It's a scientific fact that the music you loved as a teenager forms the basis for your whole taste in music. Another scientific fact is that the rock music of the 70's was the best ever. You can fight the science but science will win. To my ears, this song is more like Cheap Trick than Kiss. Here is the same tongue in cheek humour, the same lyrical style and half-spoken singing that Cheap Trick used a lot. And one man's cliche is other man's original style. Smile

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Sorry man, I enjoyed listening to this. I didn't want to, but, it happened.

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This came up on the jukebox and I was amused. Oh lord, the cowbell! I'll listen to some of your other stuff though.