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Liner Notes: 

original sat in a folder since 2015.
was really kinda trippy and the levels were all over the place, way too loud and abrasive. just never sounded good.
I did like the concept - a slow, broodish, electric feeling, thumping, weird thing.
I still don't like the kick through the main part of the song...admittedly I'm not spending enough time on mixing with these 50/90 songs Sad
Added some little vocal stuffs here and there, and created a new drum part for the end of the song, which...i feel I should have extended with some variations.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Intriguing... "slow down" ?? if i'm hearing it right, it brings up ideas of tragedy on the roads. Loss of life? "lose their mind" - certainly feels like it would apply to a victim of tragedy?? The sounds you've developed are definitely grooving but also there's an aching to it, I feel. Nice complexity and mystery. It stands as is, without having to know the answers, as a cool collage of music and other enhancing sounds. I don't know your usual stuff... yet.

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Love it. Very chilled out, while still being redolent of the way the world currently is... So, chilled without ignoring the fact that the world is far from perfect. In my opinion, this is a thing of beauty, to combine those 2 elements in a satisfying way. Well done!