Mind On You

Mind On You

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made this late last night...or early this morning...??
anyway, yesterday wasn't the best time i've had making music...was feeling burnt out even though i hadn't created since last weekend. Eeked this out anyway (spell check is saying that ain't a word, but oh well).
I used a different voice for my alterego voice synth, and I liked it better for this mellow old school r&b kind of track. Its harder to control the phonics and enunciation, though. As you can hear, I didn't get it quite right. For some reason, she says "might" instead of "my" lol...dunno.
Why do I always write lovey-dovey stuff? oh well.
Fairly straightforward drums, bass, subs, etc. A subtle vocal sample put underneath it all to give some atmos.
I'm tired lol


(computer voice)
My mind's on you.

You're all that I can think about. (repeats)

My (not "might" lol)
you... (repeats)

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This is a chill beat. It stays interesting and kind of floats. I dig it.

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This has got a fantastic late night winding down groove to it ... very atmospheric but engaging at the same time. Well worth the late night.

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Loving those electronic vocals! Fits the music perfectly, if you ask me. Smile Makes me think about how futuristic our world is right now. Sure, we don't have flying cars or teleportation, but compared to even 50 years ago we're living in a freakin' technological dream! And this is the sort of music I feel represents this future-state best. Something that can only be created with technology, but which still speaks to the shared human experience of emotion.

Seriously good song. Great work, and keep 'em coming! Biggrin

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I like the mellow vibe. I can definitely see why you starred/favorited this one. Those vocal samples work very well, but it's that r&b rhythm and feel that really makes this work for me.

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Nice groove to this. I am no expert in this style but really enjoyed listening. BTW - "Eeked" is definitely a word (in my book it is anyways)