Come Ye Faithful from 1820 to 2018 America

Come Ye Faithful from 1820 to 2018 America

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Liner Notes: 

I was asked to write a "political" song, which I don't really do. But I do like pub dom stuff to repurpose.

One of many sources: Public Domain -
REWRITE of, "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" 1820 to 2018 America
-- Attributed to, no verified author: ~ John Francis Wade circa 1841:

-- Come Ye Faithful from 1820 to 2018 America, © 2018 ustaknow (alias)

-- In my mind, to be sung with a faint hint remnant of the original melody, but much darker, r&b blues ... if I get to it Crazy or maybe Mr. B. wants to give it a go? Wink

-- Also, for lyrics I have not yet musicated, they are likely not "finished"..., just how it goes! Again this, if you can hear the original melody ala slow, low, pentatonic riff'd heaviness with some "Gospel" genre moaning and rolling and etc., (if that makes sense). I'll have to listen to the current melody a few many times prior to deconstructing it as commented.

(Most, like me, -- tend to know the first V and new Chorus (modern versions), but not the whole song, let alone one of the many re-writes... -- I get confused too; so I am sure once established from "was" the "new" will flow in logically. Or, that's the plan.)

Random reference track for melody, one of many random hit/pick, don't know who this is, again just a orig melody ref track.


O come, all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant
O come ye, o come ye to pro - om -ised land
Come and behold them, bands of kings of dust and smoke

O come, let us adore it
O come, let us adore it
O come, let us adore it, the self full, filled hord

Oh, sing, choirs of Senators
Sing, from Congress numb
Oh, sing, fifth column Med-i-a, sing self, full, filled

Yea, Lord, we greet Thee, here this happy morning;
Jesus, to Thee be all glory giv'n!
Word of the Father, now in flesh appear - ing!
Word of the Father, now in flesh appear - ing!
Jesus, to Thee be all glory giv'n!

Come, -- left-right, left-right, left-right-left [Note: fast speak on beat]
Come, -- behold His spoken gift
Come, -- ye faithful to this, purple wasteland ripped

O come, let us adore it
O come, let us adore it
O come, let us adore it, this self fulfilled hord

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Good and interesting idea and I have never seen a political song like it. But, it works! Clever!

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This a great take a political song, nice job re-purposing the public domain song.

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very mildly political, to me. but then, i don't mind painfully direct political songs. that being said, your subtle images, of the columns of government, and the left-right-left effectively symbolizing both the political divide and the military, are very effective references, though you ultimately eschew taking sides. nice adaptation for your purposes.

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I'm not entirely sure where you're going with this--which is fine with me, given that I don't like painfully direct political songs. I especially like the "come" stanza; it just sounds great on the tongue, especially the way it ends on "purple wastelands ripped," a line I like a lot. I like all of it in a sort of mystical, inchoate way--though I'm a little put off by the fifth column line, which sounds a bit like Trump calling the media "enemies of the people."

I'm afraid the flesh is becoming word nowadays