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Liner Notes: 

Chill with a touch of funk. Don't ask me where the title came from, because I don't know, and I've decided not to question. My intuition has a mind of it's own.

Note: It's just loops, so I couldn't develop any further chord progression in places where it begs for it.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Ooh, I like this. Good texture and sound. I could see how you'd want to develop it in some ways, but I do think it's good. I'd like to see this used in a dark animation or video project.

nice texture and i like the timings. sounds like garagebandy loops they are a great base.

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I wish I had Garageband. Sad
Chill but with an edge.
Like I'm trying to relax but am still at that teeth-grinding stage.
Nice sounds you got going here.
Enjoyed my listen for sure!

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Aw, Fuzzy, that's a heart breaker. No iphone, then?
in other news, I'm going to take that teeth-grinding comment in the best possible light, lol!

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Something hypnotic about this piece... Too bad it was just loops, because I can also see the desire to mess about with it a bit. Is there any way you can reconstruct it manually? I don't have Garage Band and have never messed about with loop samples, so I really don't know how possible that is. Anyway, as I said, it's a hypnotic song. Nice and relaxed with a hint of danger.

I liked it. Smile

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This sounds very ominous and foreboding. Conjures up all kinds of loom and doom! Could be good for a spy story or mystery of some kind. Enjoyed it!

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Yup. This has a sci-fi feel for me. Like the march of some cool alien species with lots and lots of legs. Each heavy "dun, dun" is a part of one of their marching chants. Every other part (leg) a response to it. Cool beans!

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That "sci fi" tag really nails it - this would make a great score for an SF movie. The soft pads temper the vibe of the piano motif, which is relentless and menacing. Dropping a tiny bit of reverb on it might disguise the end of the loop; I can hear the tail of the decaying last note get cut off a couple of times. This was fun to listen to!

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That bombastic piano works well, and you've built a lot of cool stuff into this piece. I like the voice-like but not totally human parts, and the bits of distortion and a few well-placed echos. Fun listen.

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I listened because of the title, and now I want to write a song with words and that title. (Maybe a FAWM collab?),
Such cool and unusual sounds - they seem at odds with each other but work together. Industrial yet pastoral, choppiness atop smoothness, spooky and exotic and even romantic. Good stuff.