Blue Eyes Of Summer

Blue Eyes Of Summer

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Liner Notes: 

Corey: This song is a wonderful collaboration between myself (music/arrangement) and @crisp1 (lyrics). It's a song about a summer fling and the lyrics were a pleasure to put music to Smile

Doug: The more I listen to this, the more amazed I am at how Corey absolutely nailed it. Such a great job!


Blue Eyes Of Summer

Verse 1
Summer day, temperature soaring
You’re starting to feel the heat
Say you need to cool down badly
You rub yourself with ice for relief
Your sapphire eyes tell me a story
Sweat beads on your smooth tan skin
The ice hardly seems to cool you
You smile and you invite me in

Your blue eyes I’ll remember
Your eyes when the curtains are drawn
Your blue eyes of summer
Coz come autumn this will all be gone

Verse 2
Cotton sheets, your musky perfume
Late shadows stretch onto the walls
Say you have no more to offer
I grin and say I still might call
Your cool eyes show embers glowing
This clearly is not the end
I’m gonna to wake up here tomorrow
We’ll live the surprise once again

Chorus (x2)


Verse 3
July has turned into August
You move me in daylight and dark
I know this will end too soon
And it plays cruel tricks upon my heart
With each kiss you keep a secret
And I know I mustn’t pry
I’ve learned each love runs its course
But I won’t forget your deep blue eyes

Chorus (x2)

Come autumn this will all be gone
Come autumn this will all be gone
Come autumn this will all be gone
Come autumn this will all be gone

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i love this kind of bubbly summer love song. and i like the fact that there is no crying over the summer ending. you maintain that happy g lucky feeling throughout.

Sounds like the aussie I know! and we know it will soon be back. terrific chorus

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love the chorus harmonies. like the cool/hot contrast of a hot but transient summer love