It's Ok

It's Ok

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Liner Notes: 

This song was for a bit of self soothing during a particularly difficult night. Its a phone demo that I added some reverb to.


Ok, its ok, its ok
When you come through that door to say
Well what you been thinking, what you been dreaming away?
Well its ok, its ok

Where'd you go for the show?
What did you see when you got there?
Who do you know that is under the weather?
Who do you know that can clobber and sever?

Fade into blackest of rooms
Shreddin' away, nothin' to say, nothin' to do
What's gotten into you?
What the hell now, don't you read out loud?

Well its ok, its ok, its ok
That you play, that you play
Oh, oh

What did you say when you got there?
The heat fades away and you don't want to be there
So save your words, save your head, don't go to bed
With all the things that you didn't say, didn't do

Yeah it'll be ok
It will be ok
Never gonna find anything out if you stay
Well its ok, its ok, its ok, its ok
Oh, oh

© 2018 Peter Arvidson Music
© 2018 Sara Janda Artwork

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wobbie wobbit's picture

wow that is in improvisation? wow. it's very touching especially the way you sing it's ok. the soothing really comes across strong. really lovely.

kahlo2013's picture

this has a really plaintive and sad feel... the soothing gentle vocals has a healing quality and tenderness of understanding to it but the strum pattern has more tension with an urgent feel. . Nice juxtaposition. Great job with this!

yam655's picture

That's some lovely improvisation. Sometimes that's the best way I know to say what needs to be said. I hope it helped.

tcelliott's picture

I like your soothing vocal line. This is real departure but it's pretty cool. They say music soothes even the savage beast, but this is the first time I've consciously realized that I could write a song for my own beast inside. I've been kind of picturing your 50/90 as an album (don't ask me why) and I think this song is a highlight. It's vulnerable, adds a great dynamic to your output and, for me, works very well.

headfirstonly's picture

I suspect that one of the reasons that I'm obsessive about music (and I am, trust me) is its therapeutic capacity. This is a perfect example. The fact that it has one or two rough edges doesn't matter - if anything, they add to its appeal. It reminds me of the more introspective tracks that Calexico sometimes add to their more traditional-sounding work (and if you've never experienced the music of Joey Burns and John Convertino, I encourage you to check them out.) Your voice reminds me of Joey's, and I mean that as a huge compliment.

This is beautiful.

pearlmanhattan's picture

I get the "rough nite". All my music is my own personal therapy. The rhythm in the guitar was particularly soothing to me.