Halls of Doom

Halls of Doom

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Liner Notes: 

A love story much like Twilight except instead of a vampire and a werewolf you have a frankensteined half human half nazi sausage and an intoxicating but unassuming yet slightly hipster passive aggressive bar wench


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© 2018 Sara Janda Artwork

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A half nazi sausage? The music is delightfully weird sounding, sort of bubbles, with darker undertones, like a frying half nazi sausage, I suppose, and the idea that led to the music's creation is interesting.................

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love in the deep fryer. the grease is bubbiling faster with each burping kiss.

cblack's picture

Very strange, but there's something mesmerising about it... Nice one! Smile

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Is "Evil Breakfast Sausages" gonna be the title of an album? I like the darkness in the track, you didn't allow it to overwhelm the music. That vocal is appropriately gritty and creepy.