Bull It for You

Bull It for You

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Tags: spiritual r&b songwriter one-take acoustic one-voice-one-guitar 1v1g

-- About an hour to write, an hour to record if tracked correctly, as-is

I think back to, say, 2005-ish and enablement to "do" this, as-is, was unthinkable. I think I have to try to keep "that" in mind when wonder if I know what the truck I am doing Crazy Music 2 I thank God for the "feeling" I get when I play... it just makes my day(s). It's like drinking water, no matter how much I drink, I come back to it the next day for more. The more thirsty I am when I take a drink, the less I worry if it's bottled or tap Wink


Am sus

Am a Em a g
Culling’s coming, second time will be
Am Em ^^
Will be a push not pull, crime you'll see 
Am c c B c b
With many freed..., from their needs
Am a Em a g
Bully for you, bully for me
Am Em a g
We all got our bullies kneads
Am a ^ ^ c b B b ^… b c b c
For them and others, ain't no strain

Am Em

F c F c B b
Graves won't be deep enough, for that
F Am B
No bottomless depth will cover, their then, dead 
G D Am B ^… b c b c
Then re-covered they will be, in heaven's time

G D Am
So Prey you Preyers, and quench your thirst
G D Am B
Nows the time to drink all your..., quirks..., next poured on you in your dirt
G D Am
So then the Prayers, of all Prayers
G D Am
Will, overflow, their call

F a F a B …
And the graves won't be deep enough, for that … [3x]

Fa Am a Ga g
Bullets for you, bullets for me ...
Fa Am a G a g
No chance with all these, bullet kneads ...
G g D a ^Fc ^ Em a g Am a
No chance at peace, please, pack'in that bull sack… feed...
G g D a F a…
Bully for you, bully for me...
C Gg
We all got bullets, with kneads 
G D d F d c Em Am …
We all got fully pain trained… … , oh it's free …

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You are so good at this sort of song! Great thoughts and lines and super performance!

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lots of word play. covered and re-cvered, prey your prayers.....bully, bullies, bullets. sometimes i fel like youve got three lines inside each line, and what you hear depends on what route you take. you say you dont write top 50. well neither did pearl jam, and the result was a whole generation writing a new kind of top 40/ to my ear, your songs are made for huge crowds. there is so much space in them to be filled in by the response to them. my songs are just the oosite. hey are so bricked up that few can find entrance. but your songs have as many entrances as an arena. you can hear them from the fron row or from the third balcony. they reverberate.

I love Am and Em so you were on a winner from the start. This is lyrically brilliant - its a lesson in structure to put across points. A very good song and such a comfortable delivery.

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Very nice job on the lyrics. (And the vocal interpretation thereof). Trying to think of who you are reminding me of here--some early 70s stuff...