Get High (featuring Elica Le Bon)

Get High (featuring Elica Le Bon)

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Liner Notes: 

This is another song I made around vocal samples by Elica Le Bon. I wanted a classic dance/house sound which I think I achieved here. I used many different techniques to bring this song to life. I started with the vocal sample and some drum samples. I used Band in a Box to create the piano part which I cut down to 8 bars and used as a sample. Then I started adding in VST synths to electrify the piece. All of the synths I used are by one of my favorite companies, AIR Music Technology. I used Hybrid 3 for the soft pads, The Riser for the rises and drops and Vacuum Pro for all of the other synth sounds. The vocals were treated with Voicentric plus built in Reverb, Delay and Compression from Cubase. Mastering was done with iZotope Ozone.


(I haven't had the time to figure out all the lyrics to this song and type them out yet. Maybe I'll get around to it next week.)

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Wow! I am so impressed! Great dance tune and you are getting to be a master at this. So catchy fun!

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This is a really good sounding track. Everything sounds so tight and right in the pocket. Great mixing. Good use of the biab piano too. Really adds that extra touch of something organic to make the track sound authentic.

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Fantastic driving bear and great instrumental layers that provide an awesome foundation for the wonderful melody delivered with the spot on vocals! Great diet! This is wonderful dance song!

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You nailed it! Awesome song. I can't even bring myself to analyse the individual parts - I don't want to break this sense of wholeness. It's the sort of song that was made to be enjoyed, rather than picked apart, if you ask me. Definitely a good thing when it comes to dance/EDM, for sure! Let the crowd groove.

And I never would've guessed that these were vocal samples. They just fit the music so perfectly! Colour me impressed. Smile

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Great song. You've done a fantastic job integrating the vocals seamlessly with the music ... never an easy task adding out of the box vocals and making them fit the music naturally, but you've nailed it here. Excellent work.

This is very good mate. You are really taking off on this stuff

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Oh good stuff!
Mixing is on point in my opinion.
Nice vocal placement and arrangement of all your different elements, definitely a club-ready song.
The arrangement is perfect.
You achieved what you set out to do and knocked it outta the atmosphere man, awesome track!