You are the answer

You are the answer

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Liner Notes: 

A music-lead song, which means the lyrics are meh. Also I've got a cold and am feeling quite sorry for meself today :P Way behind pace and trying to catch up.



I am the question
Uncertainty takes hold of me
Fumbling in darkness
Is there a key to this mystery
Nothing but shadows and whispers
Nothing but doubt

I am the wanderer
Hopefully but hopelessly
Lost in the wasteland
Will there be a place for me
Will there be comfort or solace
Will I find home

I am the question, you are the answer x2
I am the question, you are the answer for me

You are the lighthouse
There you’ll be in front of me
Standing in welcome
Solidly in violent seas
You are my shelter, my fireplace
You are my home


Hummed chorus

V3 again

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your melody is like flying in a balloon craft on a gently windy day. swaying to and fro through the clouds.

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now that is a much better lyrical concept for this song Biggrin thanks Bill, might rewrite this along those lines eventually.

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you have such beautiful melodies and changes underneath. your delivery is beautiful too, especially if you're under the weather. i really like the lyrics too. wonderful all round.

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Lovely chords in this song. Vocally, this is really good despite your cold . I like the lighthouse images. The final lines about shelter, fireplace, home are vey emotive. You wrote a good one here.

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ahh, very nice..! baritone uke always sounds so dreamy and fanciful, and your vocals rest on top very nicely. really nice dynamics throughout as well... really enjoyed!

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Wow, exquisite melody, that was delightful. I didn't notice the lyric being bland, but then I was totally bewitched by the melody.
Like flying on a magic carpet on a balmy day in a shampoo advert for luscious hair. Sorry, just trying to out metaphor billwhite! Biggrin

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Those chords back up a cool melody, a little open but has confident direction. I like the chorus, it's a good one, and reminds me of my own feelings about life right now. The lyrics work for me, I hear a story I tell myself. Good one, in my opinion.