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This is a fleshed out version of my skirmish song 'Rooftops'. Some things have changed such as the bridge was axed, the song title changed, and it changed genres from my original idea. But, I really like what I came up with in the end, a little different than my usual stuff. Its 1:21am? Damn. Time for sleep!


Sitting on the rooftop, I can't let go
Of all the stupid things that I think I know
Swearing up a storm when I lose the flow
Of all the little words that I need to throw

Screaming from the rooftops "Let me grow"
You're shouting from the other side "No no no"
Can't this die with kindness, not overload?
Leaving us in blindness, in the snow

You think I'm only 25, but I'm an 88 key piano
I want to play all the notes for the people below
With the shades and colors that are in my code
You wasted up my palette drawing monochromes

Scraping up the ashes, even now
Blurring all my lines, falcons on the prowl
Musing me with every little single doubt
Ending up a raw stump, can you hear me now?

Rocking from the rooftops, back and forth
Swaying from the treetops, around the board
Leaving you the sawdust on the ground
There is a wholeness to be found

© 2018 Peter Arvidson Music
© 2018 Sara Janda Artwork

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i like the blend of the acoustic guitar with a more electro sound, got a great rhythm to it and love the energy of it.

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Yeah! This was a good morning pick-me-up!
Has elements of EDM (I think that's what it' called) and modern pop, which I'm not so familiar with but usually like when I hear it. But it also has lots of traces of music I'm familiar with and love - guitar-based funk, the rolling folk-like tumble of the lyrics, a touch of '60s psychedelia in the chord progression. Really, really cool song - ambitious work you did here.

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i like the idea of the 88 key piano and you have done an excellent job of developing the idea with exceptionally well written lyrics. the production is outstanding and your vocal delivery impressive, especially in its speed and articulation. you mar it as a favorite. i mark it as one of my favorites as well.

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Another damn fine one. Seriously. Yeah, it's a bit different from what you've been doing this 50/90 but it's really good. Rhythm is great, the vocal is great, the guitars are good. The combination with the synth sounds is great. I wish I could do that.

Great production, it all holds together and merges really well. Nice song

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You can really deliver those rapid-fire lyrics with brio. Guitar sounds awesome. Nice change of pace with the half-time. I especially like the "scraping ashes" verse, as it's somehow vivid/concrete and thought-provoking/abstract at the same time

Rob From Amersfoort's picture

I like the contemporary pop sound, and the chorus really stands out! Nice singing/rapping in the verses.