The Watchmaker

The Watchmaker

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Liner Notes: 

Sort of a metaphor about progress really. i remember as a kid these guys were everywhere! now you have to hunt one down and they are so expensive you have to have a really good or sentimental watch to make it worthwhile. so many similar gone


There was a day its long gone now
When there was on on every street
The skill they call the watchmaker
Is now most obsolete

These masters of great detail
Of precision and keen eye
Don’t belong in the a throwaway generation
However hard they try

Tick tock tick tock
time is ticking on
Another time another job
This ones almost gone

Years and years of training
Ending up so skilled
To say he was qualified
And allowed to join a guild

Not just to make a watch
But all the parts inside
Every job perfectly done
And acted on with pride

Tick tock tick tock
time is ticking on
Another time another job
This ones almost gone

Its easy to talk about progress
As though its always something good
I think i would change some things back
If i thought i could

Its not just watchmakers you know
Where are losing so much more
Perhaps we were better
The way it was before

Tick tock tick tock
time is ticking on
Another time another job
This ones surely gone

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This sure does make a person reminisce about so many of the service jobs that just went away with the times. I think the thing I really miss is the "Full-service" gas stations. I like the way you treated this song, John. It's very respectful of the simple things that made us all a better people in a more civil time.

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another masterful song and one of my favorites. it not only tells the story of the watchmakers but off how time makes anachroniisms of us all, i dont even see any public clocks anymore, let alone . watches. and public telephones are also a thing of the past. your vocals are exceptionally good on this one.

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It's funny how progress has resulted in more disposable products, less care, less valuing of a craftsman's skills. Evocative and nostalgic song.

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Beautiful mix, with that great organ riding through the song like a surfboard on waves. The tick-tock chorus is really catchy!

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Love that organ. Smart wordplay with the tick tock, time is ticking on. There's a lot of ways we've improved as a society, but our disposable culture is not one of them.

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Really nice set of lyrics. To choose a watchmaker as a symbol for changing times is deliciously ironic. I don't think it's too bad now, times they are a-changin' always, but what might be a problem is the ever-quickening pace of change and stuff like that. Songwriting tradition of precision and great detail is also almost gone. Sad

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really interesting subject matter. Watches are a forgotten art form. And people who make them have a special appreciation for TIME. Nice job. Tempus Fugit. If you're into podcasts, this one about (among other things) a clock maker.
precision art form for sure.

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love the tick tock in the rhythm track. a great subject for a song, sad how such a skilled craft is "almost gone". the music gives it a mournful stillness as time rushes on. nice work.

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Shoe repair as well. We have a cobbler in town, but he's close to retiring and when he does I don't know where I'll go. I love the concept of this song of marking progress with the things we loose. This is a lovely song!