Wonderful Guy

Wonderful Guy

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Liner Notes: 

Why do I say I can't write bright happy songs? Here's one that's enlightening indeed, a fast waltzy generation during this morning's Macci-the-Dog route march. Prompted by the intro to South Pacific's "Wonderful Guy". At first I thought it needed a female voice, then I realised it could equally be a gay marriage. A quick lo-fi recording with my Privia.

And best of all, it's not at all dark! Nor is a bonfire...unless...


Words & Music Copyright © TJ Fatchen All Rights Reserved APRA-AMCOS

I'm in love with a wonderful guy!
I'm in love with a wonderful guy
Our future is rosy,
Our passion explosive
And when we're wed, we'll fly!

There's every reason why
I'm in love with a wonderful guy!
There'll be bangs, stars and rockets
When I'm in his pockets!
I'm in love with a wonderful guy!

Instr. Br

I'm in love with a wonderful guy!
I'm ignoring the haters' cries!
Matchmakers assure us
No need for insurance
Our marriage will light up the sky!

Marriage will work if you try,
And I've found me a wonderful guy!
No pre-marriage bed!
In November we're wed
Then I'll burn for my beautiful
Bright sparkly crucible
Burn for my wonderful guy!

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billwhite51's picture

beautiful/crucible..just one of your engaging rhymes. this works both as an instant classic for gay wedding festifitie annd as a mad magazine style parody of the south pacific song..

We knew you could do happy! Nice and cheerful and very nice.

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This should be in a Tim Minchin musical for sure. You express so eloquently the overwhelming acceptance of same sex marriage that has flooded all of Australia in a tidal wave of empathy in recent months Wink That's an impressive and somewhat contradictory set of tags for this song and yet it lives up to them all. But above all it's a catchy song.

barbara's picture

I'm SO glad you went ahead and sang this one yourself! Imagine if this fully vocal enthusiasm for a budding same-sex romance had been allowed all along... That's a nice interlude too between the chipper verses. The cheery innocence and romantic effervescence doing somersaults in the last stanza were a real delight! The "Dark" tag...don't think I didn't notice it...

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what a .. wonderful song! One of the things not commented on is how well that musical bridge works- really elevates it to another level- great work! so great to hear this...

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The way that bridge takes off just leaves me speechless. And the glee with which you deliver this is a delight. Nice one, Mr F!