A DADGAD piece

A DADGAD piece

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A DADGAD piece

Liner Notes: 

This piece was improvised on my electric guitar, tuned to DADGAD tuning. I have experimented with alternate tunings in the past, but this is my first time playing and recording in this tuning.
The piece was recorded from my guitar directly to my PC sound card, which results in the quality not being very good.

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As a cigarbox player with open tunings, I find the very folky feel of DADGAD a pleasure, even when just fiddling and noodling. An invitation to improvisation to see what comes out. There are elements in your improvisation of sounds I always associate with Appalachian folk. .

A suggestion for improving the quality: either plug the guitar into a practice amp and use a lead from the earphone outlet to your sound card, or if you have one, the guitar lead into a mixer. The other thing is to watch overheads on the computer which eat RAM and interfere with the sound cards abilities.

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Listening, I get pictures in my mind of long grass, kids playing in early summer, ponds and fields and a long dry road.