Wild Thing

Wild Thing

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Liner Notes: 

Adnama17: no sleep + inebriation = this

barbara: having just had a second listen with headphones, I highly recommend that mode


Self Pity
- D H Lawrence

I never saw a wild thing
sorry for itself.
A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough
without ever having felt sorry for itself.

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It's different! Where's the video, he asks? Wink (but seriously, there are all sorts of images coming to mind here) You're stretching the threshold of 5090 experiences, all of you!

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I woke up to find what I had apparently done in my sleep! Adnama is the wild thing here. I'm just an unwitting bird in the brush. Cool cookery, Bo-sassy One!

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This reminds me of “Do you have room in your heart for the 5-strong banjo” on one of Bela Fleck’s cds.

Very experimental. Very violent. And quite an interpretation of a poem for the public domain challenge!

Brilliant collaboration. What's the term for unexpected collabs?

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Love the fluttering voice circling my head. And the sounds of dead birds dropping on the floor. And the variations in the voice. And the title. Fun piece!

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Great poem to base a song around. That weird twittering sound is just perfect and very enticing in its own way. Love the switch to the "old vinyl" sound as well. Enjoyed!

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i like the different versions and the fluttering chatter is perfect backdrop. also i like the odd sound effect to highlight the lyrics Smile

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I was completely not expecting this, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Ohhhh - awesome!!! I listened three or four times it was so cool. Each reading has a different feel, and the chattering sound moving back and forth creates an interesting and weird consistency.

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Uhhh...this is really...unique. And rather fascinatingly, creatively creepy. And me likey!! Now you KNOW I'm gonna call ya! Wink

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Thanks, y'all, for giving me nightmare fuel! Hehe. But seriously, it's creepy - but also oddly soothing. I'm reconsidering my view of death now ....