Technology In Dreams

Technology In Dreams

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my night times have a few recurring themes
one of them's technology in dreams

things never go the way you think they would
things never work at all the way they should

appliances in dreams make you irate
and even simple gadgets will frustrate

my night times have a few recurring themes
one of them's technology in dreams

there's unfamiliar buttons on machines
and cracked and shattered mobile phone touchscreens

your fingers getting cut on shards of glass
to try and make a phonecall is a farce

no matter how you swipe and prod and poke
to navigate your mobile is a joke

my night times have a few recurring themes
one of them's technology in dreams

your note app will not let you take a note
the channel will not change with the remote

and if you ever try to drive a car
you'll find that you will not get very far

the gearstick will not let you change the gear
the steering wheel won't even let you steer

my night times have a few recurring themes
one of them's technology in dreams

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haha... this surely a list of things that happen to me... while I'm awake!
I love the thought of cutting your fingers on shards of glass while trying to use a phone... twenty years ago, people would be scratching their heads on that one.

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Man, that's a sweet groove, which works great with the deadpan iambic pentameter you're spitting out. Love the lyric. That is a bad dream if the steering wheel has turned on you. This is an earworm, for sure. Great stuff

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Loving the lower groove. And that ending is cool. I love the repetition or partial repetition of the title. It works so well.

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the track is wonderfully inventive, and you do an enviable job in dipping your lyric into it.

Excellent electronic groove, clever lyrics. There's a slightly sinister quality to it that matches up with the frustration of dream-technology!

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Great beat and ominous synth ... the "radio voice" fits the technology motif perfectly. So catchy - electro for English majors!

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Hypnotic beat, I'm going to bed soon and wouldn't be surprised if I dream of this song and my phone shredding my fingers. Nightmares for our times.

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Good song about a very serious subject. My favorite lines are the ones about gearstick and steering wheel. Where is all this technology taking us if it stops us going where we want? The music has a dark vibe and that one synth sounds like an angry little app. And I really like the iambic pentameter challenge. Even if I haven't done it myself yet. Smile

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Catchy, funky, love that GROOVE

Am so impressed with your output...always a pleasure to hear a 'wobbie' song!

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Brilliant song, funny, energetic, funky, cool. Loving the beat and the recital.

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I very much like the disaffected, "distant" (radio) vocals combined with the robotic percussive loops and the little blips and bloops; they all combine to give this a strong "the modern world is crazy" vibe that's both very true and very funny. Hypnotic and immersive, I can see the black-clad crowd dancing to this silently at the post-rock no-wave club as the strobe light flickers.