It Ain't No Secret

It Ain't No Secret

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Liner Notes: 

This was the GYAWS prompt of the week this week. Gwyn's lyrics and my music.


(c) 2018 Cooper/Jones

You tried to keep the facts concealed
But now it all has been revealed
The secret that you held in store
It ain’t no secret anymore

You thought that I would never find
‘Cos out of sight was out of mind
What you had hid behind that door
It ain’t a secret anymore

Now the whole world and his nosy wife
Will get to know about your private life
No longer so safe and secure
It ain’t a secret anymore

And what a shock it’s proved to be
I can’t quite take it in you see
The truth just made me drop my jaw
It ain’t a secret anymore

When the landlord came to fix the light
He was met with an unlikely sight
Poems and paintings all to me galore
It ain’t a secret anymore

Now everybody in the neighbourhood
Knows your true feelings and I guess that’s good
I suspected but I wasn’t sure
It ain’t a secret anymore

B3 or V5:
You’re not the only one with secrets though
I’ve got one now that I can let you know
I feel the same way…it’s you I adore
It ain’t a secret anymore ain’t a secret anymore

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A great twist! I love that, the confounded (and then delighted) expectation. The great hook line, the clever way you build to your reveal-- all makes this a song that has proved hard to get out of my head.

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Another great song! Love the concept and the twist!

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Aww. Sweet song. Love the rhythm and beat. Great storytelling. I pre-empted the last verse which was good. It went exactly where I hoped. Love happy endings. Has a cute humour to it.

Happy ending i assume. I love the lilt of the song it just bounces a long.

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Great vocals! Just really well sung, and fitting for the lyrics. Smile

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Thank you so much for your kind words on
one of my lyrics
I love this of yours, it ain't no secret any more
what a great title
and the content is so meaningful
you hit it out of the ball park here
lovely vocal and melody too