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Liner Notes: 

Song number 11. I was sitting having a cup of coffee, and these words appeared before me on a sheet of paper. I think I know what it's about.


Pity was the driver of the car
travelling through the backstreets
on it's way towards desire
the passenger was perfect
she was contemplating purity
and pacifying feelings
that might have been a problem
unleashed, and inappropriate
but pity was the driver of the car

And I was there beside you
touching with tenderness
the trembling that
had swept across the pale room
where the battery of love
was recharging

And pity had been broken by the car
there was smoke filling the dead zone
where the dancer of deceit was dying
and I saw her broken body
twisted as she fell beneath the faithless
who had loved her less than the mirror
that reflected back the bruises
and the image that was cracking
and I saw you were desireless
and doubt had won another victory
and pity had been broken by the car

Copyright Frances Smith @2018

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That must have been some coffee! Enigmatic lyrics with fab phrases ("trembling that had swept across the pale room"). A poetic description of a car crash or something that a car crash was symbolic of? Doesn't matter - the beauty is in the mystery.

billwhite51's picture

what a fantastic opening line! the excessive repitition of the progrssive images sug to the same musical phrase reminded me of bob dylans only a pawn in their game and lonesme death of hattie carrolll, a technique he borrowed from kurt weill's collaborations with brecht.,

Yes. Very good lyrics. I love the idea of driving to desire. Good song all round.

Jerry Pettit's picture

Yeah, really terrific job on the lyrics. Obscure, but definitely painting some pictures. Wonderful!

3tdoan's picture

Imagery that's somehow both vivid and mysterious at the same time. I envy your gift, words like this just spilling out!

Klaus's picture

You really have a way with the words. There is something spontaneous and innocent here, the way things go in circles and change places, like with the opening and closing lines. Surprisingly up-tempo song too. Fascinating and enjoyable.

Pam Grisham's picture

Intriguing! Doubt had won another victory is such a powerful line.