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Liner Notes: 

I was flipping through my hook book and saw 1 word dated 4-17-18 so I ran with it. The word was hashtag. Hope you enjoy


Think I don’t see your posts
And how you
Tiptoe round like you’re a ghost

And you had me almost
It was me you loved the most

But I saw your hashtag
About her
It raised the big ole red flag
It’s my turn
Cuz you make my life a drag

Hashtag I love you
But hashtag
We’re through

Trying to block Instagram
Thinkin that
My friends won’t show me your spam

They screenshot your flimflam
And text me
Thinking you’re free on the lamb

I still saw your hashtag
About her
You now can’t raise a white flag
It’s my turn
To make your life a huge drag

Hashtag I hate you
So hashtag
We’re through

Hashtag you’re busted
Hashtag we’re rusted
Hashtag we’re done
Hashtag it was fun
Hashtag I loved you
But Hashtag we’re through

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Cute and funny too! A song that couldn't have been written just a few years ago! I like.

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succinct and a bit driving, by the rhythm. nice rave-up at the end

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Thanks to all for the comments - wanted to be sure to say that before this thing ends tomorrow!