Night Flight To Denpasar

Night Flight To Denpasar

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Liner Notes: 

This no 3 of a series of wacky trips i have had over the years. Mid day train to Dhaka pre dates 50/90. Moped in Ko Kong is on here. Night bus in Laos, trekking Machau Picau, the great wall, Feluca down the nile, Phnom Penh in a day and Mandalay and me are in various states of preparation. so they are true !!!!! ish stories and i keep a bit of levity in them although some were less funny at the time

i only just remembered on this flight the door was tied up with rope as it wouldnt hold!


Cockpit door banging to and fro
Smell of clove cigarettes in the air
Looking around nowhere to go
I can feel the people stare

Im heading for a paradise
If i can get through this hell
I have an awful feeling
That this might not all end well.

Im on a evening flight to Bali
In this dying DC10
Im the only whitey on here
Out of 40 other men

The flight attendants smile
Doesn’t look real to me
I don’t want to bet much
Never been real lucky

I think the rivets have rattled out
The overhead lockers are open
I got the seat next to the door
The right one i hope I’ve chosen

Im on a evening flight to Bali
In this dying DC10
Im the only whitey on here
Out of 40 other men


The red light is flashing on and off
Fasten seat belts now
I would if one would fit
In fact id do it now

With a clatter and banging wheels
We finally hit the ground
A cheer goes up one of surprise
From me and all around

Ii was on a evening flight to Bali
we survived but not by far
Our plane is firmly on the ground
At the aarirport in Denpasar

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The organ creates a very atmospheric arrangement, and your melody fits perfectly over it. The lyrics are very physical, in the way you reference all the senses, visual, touch, sound, and smell. You have made this wacky trip seem very real Lovely.

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What a story so wonderfully told! Love the groove and the perfect pacing of the vocal delivery of the wonderful melody. The details are splendid. As are the sound effects. And love that ending!

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there are too many great lines in this song to quote them all. the writing is so good. you tell it like it is, which is why travel to exotic places is such a pain in the ass, o live so close to the amazon, the andes, and all kinds of ancient wonders..but would rather stayi in the dusty grime of this patch of urban desert between the sea and the mountains than risk my life travelling to them.

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Great description of the flight and the feelings you had during that flight. Love the retro organ, which adds a kind of hazy rememberance (word?) to the whole thing. Enjoyed.

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Enjoyed this a lot. Great sounding organ in the background. Very nice lyrics!!

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Soundcloud served me this one after I'd listened to Last Flag Flying. You really deliver a big wall of sound, with so many tasty little accents. I'm getting a little wanderlust now

At least they didn't ask you to hold it shut for them, -- discount? Crazy But I hear the food is great on these flights since, well, you know, could be a last meal and all.

-- Yes, indeed, great song/lyrics and the "happy" beach boys organish sound goes well with it.

Oh, yes, and... it was gonna be "firmly" on the ground one way or another, so knew how well it would end, -- the song. Lol

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It's never quite as funny at the time, I know (although all such of my experiences were in India) Sufficient levity but also sufficient seriousness. And it comes across as quite real. You take a lot more pains with the backing than I do! for which, kudos!

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Thank you! This brings back a memory on a prop plane to the islands, my mother was asked to hold the cockpit door closed LOL! Glad that isn't too abnormal, but we survived! Enjoyed the opening that sets us in the place with the plane sounds, nice story, thanks for taking us on a journey!

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Boy! You have done a lot of traveling! And you've had some adventures. Love the alert bell you sprinkle throughout. The organ is a lot of fun. Love the cheer at the end. Like you might have left like the odd man out, but you were all one in your discomfort over the flight.

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Well written lyrics, and the cabin bell lends authenticity to your experience. The droning organ slows the flight down, and places it squarely in the late 20th century. Half the fun is getting there!