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Liner Notes: 

What goes on when you’re alone with your thoughts, sitting in the sun looking out at the beauty around you, in contrast to the darkness inside.


I’ve been lying bare
Crying here
Into my pillow
For a hundred years
Talking to the wall
As if it cares
About my tears
Or anything at all

And all I can hear
Is the ringing
In my ears
That sound’s been there
For a hundred years
Making a joke
Of the things I fear
Growing inside of me

The things I hold dear
Formidable and fierce
As they have been
For a hundred years
Taunting me daily
As I disappear
Into myself
Or I don’t know where

Grief and despair
Trap me in this sphere
And they will
For a hundred years
My cry for help
Falling on deaf ears
And my pillow soaked
With a thousand tears

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Such sweet sorrow. This is beautifully written