Birthday Missives to a Thirty-Something

Birthday Missives to a Thirty-Something

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Liner Notes: 

Today is my birthday, and I got some things in the mail.


Dear Sir or Madam,
We're writing to say
your case is under review,
since your violation
you think was mistaken--
you did have a permit, it's true.
Thanks for your visit
to our fair city,
but you should have taken a plane.
Who drives a car?
It's more headache by far.
Happy Birthday,
From Your Meter Maid

Dear Ms. McCoy,
We regret to inform you
your balance is long overdue.
For your consultation
we need compensation,
we know that you hadn't a clue.
Your bills were lost
somewhere in the post,
truly, you shouldn't have moved.
Your Neighborhood Debt Collector
P.S. Happy Birthday, eff you

Many regards,
forgive us for asking,
but have you been running the tap?
Each time that you brush
and with each extra flush
your charges are increasing fast.
If your birthday wish is
to do no more dishes
consider it granted in full.
The Utility Billing Department
(Perhaps you should bathe at the pool?)

Hello there, sweetheart,
I haven't forgotten
about my favorite girl.
Well I remember
the hot summer weather
the day you came into this world.
I could have given
a box tied with ribbon,
but I thought you'd rather the cash.
So, please forgive
the impersonal gift.
Happy Birthday!
Your Dear Old Dad

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First off, happy birthday! I love your voice in this song! Your voice period is a pretty awesome voice and I can hear your greatness and apt for singer songwriter tunes!

I loved how real these lyrics were and how it was about things we all face each day! It was unexpected at the end with your dear old dad, but an epic way to end an epic effort! This song was freaking awesome! Smile

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How do you sing so articulately with your tongue planted firmly against your cheek?

A wonderful song, bringing out the poetry in life's least poetic exchanges. The words flow well and the internal rhymes are artful. I liked the progression - I arrived at the final verse expecting a hallmark ending, but you show that even a parent's undying, unconditional love comes with glib, practical considerations. A triumph.

so enjoyable, fun, articulate and well performed. and a lot of underlying stuff here as well, very good song

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This is brilliant! It reminds me of one of my favorite folk singers, Eric Bogle when he's in one of his more humorous moods. Bravo!

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Hooray for birthday songs sung with such humour and joy! Cheers and happy belated!

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Utterly charming; the story progresses so nicely, with your gentle guitar and sardonic lyrics and vocals, all capped off so sweetly with the letter from dear old dad. There's a big grin on my face from listening!